Live Stronger. And play harder. And work smarter.

Ander creates thriving environments.


Ander foster meaningful relationships between individuals and organizations. Our personalized experiences engage users in new ways, focusing on their shared desires, interests, and ambitions.


A New Paradigm

Ander orchestrates work, health, and lifestyle. Our unique economy of rewards and incentives makes using the platform fun and engaging. We leverage artificial intelligence to create personalized journeys for individuals—building loyalty with the companies and brands that help them accomplish their goals.


Ander delivers configurable solutions in three key domains ...



Work: Reimagine the employee experience.

Ander engages employees to build stronger teams, develop skills, enhance total wellbeing, and cultivate a more dynamic and unified company culture.


Core Experience 

Health: Advocating for patients and improving outcomes.

Ander ensures each health network member receives swift responses and continuity of service. We make it easier for physicians to spend more time with patients and focus on total population health.


Core Experience

Lifestyle: Curating meaningful consumer relationships.

Ander delivers personalized and valuable experiences for consumers. We advocate for them at every touch point, offering digital banking solutions, direct deposit, budgeting tools, customized rewards, and more.


Customized Experiences

Ander uses a combination of data, artificial intelligence, audience insight, and company input to align our platform to stakeholder values. Our design maximizes flexibility and control for our partners and delivers deep personalization for individuals. Each aspect of the Ander experience is a discrete module and can be set up as a primary offering or future value add.

Consumer Product Experience

Ander can be delivered directly through our platform, app, and wearables.

Enriched Person API

Ander can also be a set of microservices seamlessly integrated into any branded app via API.


Understanding your audience.

Ander helps organizations understand the motivations and goals of their customers, members, and employees. In our rapidly changing world, companies can no longer be content with purely transactional relationships. Users now expect a more valuable experience.



of consumers are willing to share personal data if a company is transparent about how it uses the data or if they can control how the data is being used.

(Accenture Interactive, 2016)


of consumers around the world will buy or boycott a brand solely because of its position on a social or political issue.

(Edelman Earned Brand Study)


of Gen Z feels like no one really knows them well.

(Cigna, 20k Americans: Loneliness Study)


of employees are not engaged in their work, costing organizations $500B annually.

(Gallup & Engagement Institute))


Intuitive, fun, and easy to use.

Ander draws from the best in engagement design, guiding individuals on intent-driven, captivating, and outcome-oriented journeys. We help them experience the authentic interactions they desire.

Our platform is also intuitive to manage. We own the onboarding process, guiding your team through every step of the launch so you’re up and running in no time.


Community Engagement

Ander fosters authentic connections and vibrant communities. We’re focused on serving individuals, understanding their motivations and intents so that we can advocate for them more effectively.


Architecting Authentic Communities
We get to know your people so that we can bring them together in ways that matter. We connect individuals around shared interests and work, forming groups that inherently encourage each other toward greater involvement.

Ongoing Community Management
Our Community Management team personally connects and engages individuals across the Ander experience, social media, the web, and real-world interactions. They make certain each touch point is meaningful.

Specialized Concierge Services
Our team of concierges draw on their expertise to answer questions and curate desirable experiences for loyalty members. They exemplify Ander’s personalized touch.


Ready to launch! Let’s explore the new frontier.

The journey is unique for every individual and company. But the destination is always the same: empowered individuals and prosperous organizations.