Live Stronger. And play harder. And work smarter.

Unite life & work.

Ander creates a new paradigm where work and life no longer compete, but instead complement each other. We help employees thrive and companies prosper.


Reimagine Employee Experiences

Ander's ability to integrate life and work is a game changer. By empowering individuals, Ander cultivates stronger corporate cultures, drives real behavior change, and produces cohesive teams. Ander helps you live stronger. And play harder. And work smarter.

Culture & Engagement

Ander is your culture strategy. Employees are excited to use our fun and engaging platform, making it easy to align personal and company goals.

Learning & Development

Ander’s robust learning content develops talent, helping companies capture more value while driving retention and easing compliance.

Total Wellbeing

Ander provides actionable insights to employees’ physical, mental and financial wellbeing to help your company better manage costs.


Our virtuous cycle benefits individuals and organizations.

We begin by activating individuals with exciting challenges and end with quantifying the results and value. Ander learns with each interaction to create highly personalized experiences, offer meaningful assistance, achieve compliance goals, and deliver company initiatives along the way. 



Ander is tailored to individuals on their own unique journey. 

Ander’s personalized economy of incentives increases engagement and rewards achievement. Ander grows more effective with every interaction, providing genuinely useful notifications and updates while developing an authentic community.



Ander authentically engages individuals.

We create meaningful impact immediately through a wide range of custom challenges and rewards. Whether it’s team walks, individuals counting steps per month, or tree-planting challenges, we ensure every activity is inviting, playful, and motivational. 



Ander fosters team connections and enriches corporate culture.

Ander knows that it’s more fun to play with others. That’s why we make it easy for employees to form teams to pursue challenges and activities with each other. It’s simple to add people to groups, join new activities, and connect with people throughout the company. The result is a vibrant and engaged culture. 



Ander delivers educational and development content. 

Ander makes it easy to share learning content encompassing health, financial, career, and personal development, as well as job training and compliance information. This robust content develops talent, helping companies capture more value while driving retention and easing compliance.




Ander makes fitness regimens more fun and effective.

Ander’s high-quality tracker and intuitive mobile app makes staying healthy enjoyable with hundreds of activities and challenges for individuals and teams. You can track your daily fitness around steps, distance, and calories burned, set weekly and monthly goals, visualize your progress, receive reminders, and much more. 



Managing the Ander platform with ease. 

Ander’s administration dashboard is intuitive, straightforward, and customizable. We make it simple to track overall engagement, create new activities, and share content. We also provide workforce intelligence around wellness, community, compliance, and more. The longer Ander interacts with your company, the more practical insights we can provide.


Workforce Insights

Ander's empowers organizations to better know their audience, identify key opportunities, and reimagine the employee experience. We leverage key insights from our Decision Science Team to help architect communities of individuals who are connected, engaged, and empowered.

Insights Journey

This journey starts with our report, Audience Insights, which transforms the power of predictive analytics into actionable, community-oriented, engagement solutions.

Aggregate Level Reports

Ander never reveals personally identifiable data. Our Workforce Insights Report is designed to provide valuable intelligence that every employee would be excited to see.

Key Insights

Ander provide organizations with key insights about their employees preferences, motivations, and potential risks through a detailed report.


Your needs, your requirements, your offerings… Your Ander

We make it easy to align company and employee goals. Our inclusive ecosystem is designed to be configured to your specific needs. Every aspect is scalable and tailored to individual team members and your company, making it simple to plug in compliance requirements, as well as curate a wide variety of rewards and incentives, corporate initiatives, and activity challenges. Our community managers ensure that Ander remains authentically engaging at every touch point.


Embrace the future of work—Ander positions you to thrive in the new workplace.

Expectations around work are changing, making it more challenging for companies to keep employees engaged. The old tools no longer work, costing companies money and making retention difficult. The only platform centered around the employee, Ander’s authentic and adaptable economy of incentives transforms the workplace in personally meaningful ways. 



of employees are not engaged in their work, costing organizations $500B annually.

(Gallup, Engagement Institute)


of employees said empathetic employers drive retention. $12B spent each month to fill open positions in the U.S.

(BusinessSolver, Glassdoor, U.S. Labor Dept.)


of employees agree that the ability to customize benefits increases loyalty.



decrease since last year in organizations’ ability to address issues of engagement and culture.



Community managers ensure that Ander remains authentically engaging at every touch point.

Our team of community managers generate fun and personal experiences that cultivate self-motivating communities—producing cohesive teams and peers who bring out the best in each other. They also align your corporate values and initiatives with your culture and community.


Ander owns the onboarding process, so you’re up and running in no time. 

Ander makes the onboarding process simple. We guide your human resources team through every step of the onboarding, launch, and post-launch process. All they have to do is approve the action plan and provide employee information. 

We provide simple and executable ways to customize the platform and directly interface with employees—offering them meaningful ways to participate, grow, and connect with others. 


Harness the power of play.

A little imagination mixed with the power of play can bring harmony to work and life — making "balance" an obsolete ideal. Let Ander help you knock out the obstacles. Reign on!