Live Stronger. And play harder. And work smarter.

Help Your Employees Thrive Every Day

Ander is a membership program that reimagines perks and benefits that are personalized to each employee to offer weekly rewards, encourage healthy living, and create meaningful connections with colleagues.


Personalization is the Difference

Ander is the only membership program that focuses on the individual. Our artificial intelligence maps unique journeys for each person, empowering individuals to be more proactive, healthy, and connected.


For a few dollars a month, our membership platform provides:


Activities that deliver wellbeing

Our rewarded activities and curated content help members live at the top of their game, offering tools for stress reduction, sleep improvement, fitness tracking, meditation, nutrition, and more.


Community that delivers relationships

Our community managers and team activities nurture meaningful relationships among members, creating a vibrant and more collaborative culture.


Perks that deliver value


Our curated library of personalized offers, discounts, and rewards improve the lives of members with perks they’ll be excited to use.


Insights that deliver understanding

Our surveys and feedback tools give employees a voice so they can easily communicate their interests and preferences, shaping their membership so it’s even more impactful.


You're welcome here.

Give your employees access to a world of good with Ander. Individuals build a membership tailored to their own needs.

  • Set personal fitness goals

  • Reduce stress with relaxing meditation programs and exercises

  • Connect with coworkers through group activities and one-on-one chats

  • Discover new recipes, menu planning, and nutrition tips

  • Earn rewards through individual and team challenges

  • Save with exclusive discounts and free offers

  • And much more.


Our Commitments to Our Members


Data Privacy is a Human Right
We believe everyone has the right to keep their data private and secure. We only access an individual’s data when permission is given and we’re transparent about the benefits they gain by sharing this information.

Security and Privacy by Design
Our industry-leading architecture and governance have been built into our platform from the beginning, ensuring every individual’s data privacy.


Ander adds value without adding time.

It’s easy to add our membership to your other benefits offerings. Configure it to meet the needs of your company or simply plug into our existing platform. Either way, it’s run by our experienced team of community managers.


A unified company culture has been shown to outperform competitors in categories like productivity, profit, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.



Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

(Gallup: The Engaged Workplace, 2018)


of employees are not engaged in their work, costing organizations $500B annually.

(Gallup & Engagement Institute)


of employees said empathetic employers drive retention. $12B spent each month to fill open positions in the U.S.

(BusinessSolver, Glassdoor, U.S. Labor Dept.)


employees would prefer new or additional benefits or perks over a pay increase.



Give the Membership that’s as Individual as Your Employees

For a few dollars a month, Ander offers your employees a benefit they can’t get anywhere else—a personalized membership tailored to their own needs. In the rapidly shifting workplace, it’s more important than ever to empower your teams.

Join Ander in reimaging the employee experience.