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The journey is unique for every individual and company. But the destination is always the same: empowered cultures and prosperous companies. 


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Ander is the first platform to unify life and work in a rewarding, playful, and personalized experience that keeps employees truly engaged. Ander delivers a broad suite of benefits that help individuals progress along their personal journey while developing an authentic community.


Benefits and Incentives

Our personalized economy of benefits and incentives increases engagement and rewards achievement.

Empowered Change

We create a unified culture that encourages individuals to improve their fitness and well-being.


Our educational and job training information lets individuals learn at their own pace and accomplish personal and professional goals.


Our virtuous cycle—powered by a unique economy of rewards, incentives, and benefits.

We begin by activating individuals with playful and exciting challenges and end with quantifying the results and value. Our platform learns with each interaction so it can personalize experiences, offer meaningful assistance, achieve compliance goals, and deliver company initiatives along the way. 



Ander authentically engages individuals.

Ander meets people where they are on their journey. We create meaningful impact immediately through our devices and app, plus a wide range of custom rewards and challenges. Whether it’s team walks, individuals counting steps per month, or tree-planting challenges, we ensure every activity is inviting, playful, and motivational.



Ander grows more effective with every interaction.

With each interaction, Ander learns more about individual preferences. This allows us to authentically deliver relevant educational and development content, as well as job training and compliance information. As your business evolves, Ander always aligns your corporate values and initiatives with your culture and community. 



Ander empowers improvement and propels change.

Ander guides companies through every step of the process, providing simple and executable ways to customize the platform. Our community managers help you leverage data-driven insights to create more unique solutions and new opportunities for improvement. We also directly interface with employees, offering them meaningful ways to participate, grow, and connect with others. 



More offerings and easier access.

Ander’s platform is configured to the unique needs, requirements, and offerings of each company. We make it easier for employees to connect with benefits, pharmacy plans, and corporate policies. We also offer access to alternative benefits like telemedicine, patient coaching and advocacy, chronic disease management, and more. Ander presents endless possibilities for companies looking to cut costs while offering their employees more.




The precise and actionable data you need.

Ander provides you with precise numbers so that you make the most of the platform. We measure impact and behavior change. We also deliver metrics around engagement, community and audience, activity and wellness, and learning and compliance. The longer Ander interacts with your company, the more practical insights we can provide. 


Community managers ensure that Ander remains authentically engaging at every touch point.

Our team of community managers generate fun and personal experiences that cultivate self-motivating communities—producing cohesive teams and peers who bring out the best in each other.

They also guide human resources through every step of the onboarding, launch, and post-launch process. Drawing on data and feedback, they ensure Ander continually evolves alongside the needs of the employees and the company.


Ander delivers what employees are truly seeking. 

Benefits have become critically important to employees–even more than salary and raises. Ander highlights the value of various benefits and the best ways to customize them. By delivering agency, ownership, and flexibility to your employees, we make it easier for you to attract talent as well as increase loyalty and retention.  



of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer.



of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise.



respondents said they’d give some or heavy consideration to a job offering flexible hours. This is even more important to a large segment of the workforce: parents.



In unused vacation time left on the table by American workers, which creates a huge liability for companies as accumulated employee vacation time.

(Oxford Economics)


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Ander is designed to delight and empower individuals along their journey of self-improvement, no matter their starting point. Whether incremental steps or giant leaps, Ander tailors custom experiences to drive greater engagement — and joy!