Live Stronger. And play harder. And work smarter.

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Ander is the first platform to unify life and work in a playful and personalized experience that keeps employees truly engaged.


Our virtuous cycle benefits individuals and companies.

We begin by activating individuals with exciting challenges and end with quantifying the results and value. Ander learns with each interaction to create highly personalized experiences, offer meaningful assistance, achieve compliance goals, and deliver company initiatives along the way. 



Ander is tailored to individuals on their own unique journey. 

Ander’s personalized economy of incentives increases engagement and rewards achievement. Ander grows more effective with every interaction, providing genuinely useful notifications and updates while developing an authentic community.



Ander authentically engages individuals.

We create meaningful impact immediately through a wide range of custom challenges and rewards. Whether it’s team walks, individuals counting steps per month, or tree-planting challenges, we ensure every activity is inviting, playful, and motivational. 



Ander fosters team connections and enriches corporate culture.

Ander knows that it’s more fun to play with others. That’s why we make it easy for employees to form teams to pursue challenges and activities with each other. It’s simple to add people to groups, join new activities, and connect with people throughout the company. The result is a vibrant and engaged culture. 



Ander authentically delivers educational and development content. 

Ander makes it easy to share learning content encompassing health, financial, career, and personal development, as well as job training and compliance information. This robust content develops talent, helping companies capture more value while driving retention and easing compliance.




Ander makes fitness regimens more fun and effective.

Ander’s high-quality tracker and intuitive mobile app makes staying healthy enjoyable with hundreds of activities and challenges for individuals and teams. You can track your daily fitness around steps, distance, and calories burned, set weekly and monthly goals, visualize your progress, receive reminders, and much more. 



Managing the Ander platform with ease. 

Ander’s administration dashboard is intuitive, straightforward, and customizable. We make it simple to track overall engagement, create new activities, and share content. We also provide workforce intelligence around wellness, community, compliance, and more. The longer Ander interacts with your company, the more practical insights we can provide.


Community managers ensure that Ander remains authentically engaging at every touch point.

Our team of community managers generate fun and personal experiences that cultivate self-motivating communities—producing cohesive teams and peers who bring out the best in each other.

They also align your corporate values and initiatives with your culture and community. Drawing on data and feedback, they ensure the platform continually evolves alongside the needs of you and your employees. 


Ander owns the onboarding process, so you’re up and running in no time. 

Ander makes the onboarding process simple. We guide your human resources team through every step of the onboarding, launch, and post-launch process. All they have to do is approve the action plan and provide employee information. 

We provide simple and executable ways to customize the platform and directly interface with employees—offering them meaningful ways to participate, grow, and connect with others. 


Ready to launch! Let’s explore the power of play.

The journey is unique for every individual and company. But the destination is always the same: empowered cultures and prosperous companies.