Live Stronger. And play harder. And work smarter.

Welcome to Ander!


Every journey starts with a few steps.


Ander is your sidekick to help along the way, offering assistance, incentives and rewards that are personalized to your needs. We connect you with coworkers and communities—so you can live stronger, work smarter, and play harder.

Ander is always available, but doesn’t demand your attention. We’re here whenever you need help.


Our Gift to You.

You’ll receive a high-quality fitness tracker, sent right to your doorstep. The device is water resistant, USB chargeable, and has over 10 days battery life. It’s our gift to you!

The device counts steps, calculates distance and calories, and more. It pairs to your smartphone with our easy-to-use mobile app.



What Ander Offers. 

Activities: Choose from a wide range of custom challenges and rewards, from team walks and counting steps per month to tree-planting challenges.

Community: Invite coworkers to join challenges, form teams, and connect with people throughout your company.

Learning: Discover curated articles about health, finance, career, and personal development that support and inform your journey.

Fitness: Track daily fitness activity including steps, distance, and calories burned. Set weekly and monthly goals, visualize your progress, and receive encouraging rewards and reminders.



Easy to Get Started!

Simply download the mobile app, create an account, and pair your fitness tracker to your smartphone.

Create your personal profile on Ander, then start activities, join teams, earn rewards, and much more. 


We’re Here to Help.

Do you have questions? Want more information? Run into technical issues?

Our Community Manager is dedicated to helping you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.