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Human Centered Approach to Data

Ander leverages data science and artificial intelligence to advocate for individuals.

Drawing on precision analytics, we personalize the employee experience while protecting our members’ privacy to create meaningful outcomes.


Precision and Personalization

Ander is a personalization engine that truly understands each member your workforce. We transform predictive analytics into actionable engagement solutions.

Where big data focuses on volume, we harness the power of decision science to focus on outcomes. Ander identifies opportunities among key cohorts of our members in order to authentically connect with them. We bring precision and personalization to create meaningful and lasting connections among employees.

Identifies Opportunity

Ander’s AI identifies unique, personalized opportunities for users based on their patterns, anticipated trajectories, and predictive analytics

Drives Journey

Dynamic, multi-branching journeys are generated to fulfill these opportunities, helping users to the next optimal step.

Adapts to Individuals

By adapting to human behavior at a personal level, Ander delivers real-world value to each individual.


Workforce Insights

Ander empowers organizations to better understand their workforce and identify opportunities. We leverage insights from our decision science team to architect communities of authentically connected individuals.

Insights Journey

Our audience insights report draws on decision science data to offer actionable engagement solutions.

Aggregate Level Reports

Ander never reveals personally identifiable data. Our audience insights report provides valuable intelligence users would welcome.

Key Insights

Ander provides organizations with detailed reports about user preferences, motivations, and potential risks.


Security and Privacy by Design

Ander’s industry-leading architecture and governance protects every individual’s data and maintains their privacy. We have built security and privacy into our platform from the start. As a trusted data partner, we safeguard users and shield companies from risk.

We believe data privacy is a human right—and that consumers will stop sharing as much with anyone who doesn’t. We work to empower and protect our users, using data to honor and optimize each person’s unique ideas, ambitions, desires, goals, challenges, and personality.


Individuals Desire an Ally

Today Users should not have to sacrifice personalization for the sake of their privacy. Ander believes data privacy is a human right. Ander delivers deep personalization to audiences of our customers and strategic partners, continuously improving efficacy and measurable results. We bring together data from across the ecosystem to better understand individual users and join them in accomplishing their goals through our partners — better aligning incentives to drive greater outcomes.



of Gen Z feels like no one really knows them well.
(Cigna Survey of 20k Americans: Loneliness Study)


of Millennials and Gen Z say that geographic location does not best define community.
(Mitchell Communications Study)


of consumers around the world will buy or boycott a brand solely because of its position on a social or political issue.
(Edelman Earned Brand Study)


of marketers have access to all the data needed. 93% of marketers need to weave together the right data.
(Kantar Getting Media Right Study)


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