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Bringing harmony to the chaos isn’t a catchphrase, it’s what we embody. People are our passion—and we want everyone to enjoy their own unique journey. As a motive-driven business we focus on each unique individual, serving as an advocate at every step.


Let's Build Together!

Ander is on the hunt for the best and brightest who are motivated to create experiences that advocate for individuals at every stage of their personal quest. While our main office is in downtown Seattle, we prioritize talent over geography. Our team is distributed around the globe.


Ander works to advocate for users at every step.


Core Value

Co-Creating Together

Our heart beats for people — that’s our greatest purpose. Our focus on individuals is the meaning behind our calling as a company. We believe in creating a thriving environment that enables people to live like they play. Too often people feel "played upon"—Ander seeks to "play alongside" people to create authentic communities.


Core Value

Each and Every User

Ander is dedicated to providing delightful and meaningful experiences to our users. Our human-centered design philosophy is tailored to individuals, ensuring a relevant, authentic, and genuinely useful experience. We help users to maximize goals and achievements, serving as an advocate at every step — ensuring privacy and personalization for every individual.


Core Value

Our Platform, Ecosystem, and Experience

In this age of information overload, Ander strives to be information advocates—using technology to positively transform people’s lives. Ander connects with individuals as an advocate: protecting their privacy, helping them engage with personalized and authentic experiences, delivering offers and opportunities that help users accomplish their personal goals.


We’re on a quest to build the digital platform that creates value for individuals, rather than exploit them.


Ander Leadership

Connect with Our Team

Our team draws upon its professional leadership experience in a wide variety of industries, all grounded in a culture of collaborative creativity and generative candor. We have a rich history working with large corporations, early-stage startups, insurance and benefits, finance, multi-player gaming, big data, technology, design, and user experience. We’re dedicated to providing stellar service while growing a company that holds true to our collective motive — advocating for our users. 



Want to join the band?

Each day brings exciting challenges and opportunities to deliver the best experiences for our users. Our collaborative work style and transparent culture leads to rapid development — there’s never a dull moment.